A Plague Tale: Innocence – Preview – Thrilling Medieval Mystery

A Plague Tale Innocence

A Plague Tale: Innocence – Preview || Two orphans have to cross the country in France in the year 1349 and are dealing with the merciless soldiers of the Inquisition and an extremely devout Rat army. The beautifully scary staged medieval mystery adventure of Asobo Studios could be a real hit for the French developers.

A Plague Tale Innocence: Teaser Video

The plague rages in Europe and depopulates entire tracts of land, soldiers of the Inquisition commit atrocities in the name of God and hordes of hungry rats fall over the weakened population. Well then: Welcome to the Middle Ages.

At least in the gruesome version of 1349, which the developers of Asobo have come up with as a scenario for their action-adventure, you really want to pin down everything and everyone.


You take on the role of the 14-year-old Amicia, who roams through France with her little brother Hugo, to finally find a safe place.

No easy task, because the Inquisition is hot on their heels and takes no account of the age of the hunted.

Whether the two children have ever done anything forbidden. As if that was not enough of a problem, you’re also dealing with a far greater danger.

In the pest contaminated villages, the rats frolicking. And it’s not just a few disgusting rodents, but whole armies that devour everything that gets in their way and even nibble on a fat armored knight in seconds down to the bare bones.


The first announcement of “A Plague Tale: Innocence” a few months ago was only accompanied by a short trailer that plays in a city and already suggests the mystery behind the rodent plague.

Little to nothing of the gameplay shows. Whatever comes your way when embarking on the adventure, we finally got a closer look at an event hosted by publisher Focus Home Interactive in Paris. In a longer game scene, the siblings are to cross a former battlefield and find a safe way between all the dead.

Alone the sight of the corpse mountains for the children already for a deep-seated trauma is enough, but when the body of a dead horse inflates before her eyes and shortly afterwards swell masses of rats, the terror is clearly written on their faces.


Fortunately, the devilish rodents shy away from the light and in the light of a fire, the little squad is safe for the time being.

But the critters teem directly in the adjoining shadow, just waiting for the fire to go out to feast on the warm human flesh.

Logically, holding in one place is not an option and swords or other standard weapons are simply useless against the red-eyed brood. Accordingly, you use the light sources in the area to creep forward piece by piece.

This section shows the clever puzzle design of the French developers, who did not focus on brute force, but on cooperation and strategic approach to problem solving.

That makes sense, because Amicia is not a heroine, who leaps into the fight, death-defying, and can carry endless resources with him.

The solution of the riddles must therefore be found with consideration. For example, Amicia can run ahead and hold the rats at bay for a while with a torch, while Hugo operates a machine that lowers a ball of fire and thus provides another safe place for the light.

However, Amicia should not leave her little brother alone for long, otherwise this age-appropriate panic reacts and runs after.

Even if on the direct way to the sister the rats lurk in the dark. The solution of the puzzles requires a close observation of the environment and some combination power, but, at least in the example shown, is always intuitive to master.


Another deadly danger threatens the children on the way across the battlefield: soldiers who keep out with lanterns the rats of the body and look for survivors, to kill them without further ado by sword.

If the orphans are discovered, there is no mercy and the adventure comes to a quick end. Because a child fight against heavily armed warriors, the soldier always wins. But even a heavily armored knight can be dealt with the right tactics.

With her slingshot Amicia destroys the life-saving light of the opponents and immediately the rats rush on the unfortunate ones.

After a few moments of disgust remains only a skeleton in an armor. It is therefore tactically wise to play rats and soldiers against each other: stay in the shade, when the Inquisition approaches and seeks the light, when the unappetizing rodents approach.

Amicia has only modest means available, such as a slingshot or some sulfur to make fire. In the course of the game, however, additional helpful tools will be added to ensure more strategic diversity. So the developers assured us in conversation.


More than 4000 virtual rats can be brought to the screen simultaneously by Asobo Studios developers. The result is an impressive barrage of furry bodies and could easily come from a horror movie like “Ben” or “Willard”.

We really liked the original scenario and actually we would have liked to move on with Amicia and Hugo to uncover the secret behind the rat plague. But with a release of “A Plague Tale: Innocence” is not expected before 2019.

Written by Mickey Bucks


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