Accolades Trailer For QUBE 2


The puzzle game “QUBE 2” has been available for several days and Toxic Games is showing an Accolades trailer with gameplay scenes.

Toxic Games has published the puzzle game “QUBE 2”, which was released on March 13, 2018 for the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and the PC, a typical Accolades trailer, which draws attention with positive press quotes again on the title.

The official description: “In QUBE 2, players take on the role of Amelia Cross, a British archaeologist who wakes up on an unusual alien planet, and with the help of another survivor, Emma, ​​she becomes confronted with the challenging puzzles of the QUBE, a conscious monolithic Structure at the Heart of the Game The QUBE uses extraterrestrial technology that enables it to create an endless number of puzzles in a changing environment, and Amelia will have to face this extraterrestrial structure to find a way home.

QUBE 2 is a combination of exciting action, impressive sound design and music by BAFTA nominated composer David Housden,Characters with their own voice and beautiful graphics driven by Unreal Engine 4.”

Written by Mickey Bucks


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