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Agriculture Sandbox Game Staxel Will Be Released Today


The agriculture sandbox game “Staxel” is released today for the PC. The look is based on the look of “Minecraft”.

The agricultural sandbox game “Staxel”, which has a brick look in the style of “Minecraft”, is released today for the PC. The developer Plukit and the publisher Humble Bundle show the launch trailer. In “Staxel” one takes care of the farm and the village alone or online with friends.

Features of Staxel

  • Take part in village life: As the newest inhabitant, there is much to look forward to. The village is full of different characters that you can meet and make friends with. Of course, they may ask you for some favors, but who knows? Helping them could bring you unexpected rewards! If you’re not out of town with the villagers or working on your farm, you can pursue a new hobby, complete one of many collections, spend your hard-earned cash in local shops, or work on improvements in the village. Your new neighbors will surely appreciate your help!
  • Care for your farm: Settle down and work as the new farmer of the village. You start with an old run-down house and farmland reclaimed by nature, and it’s up to you to turn everything back. Plant seeds, take care of your crops and your animals, and upgrade your farm. Remember – if you look after your farm, your farm will take care of you too!
  • Customize the sandbox: Staxel plays in a voxel-based sandbox world. You can change your environment as you like and build your own unique world with a huge selection of in-game materials and easy-to-use mods. Are you going to expand the village while keeping the rustic charm, or will you go in a completely different direction? Maybe you prefer to leave the village and work on your own projects? All that you have to decide and your creativity is just the right tool for this job!

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