Alpha Update 3.1.0 Available For Star Citizen


For “Star Citizen” the Alpha-Update 3.1 was released, which offers many new content and improvements for the players.

Just in time for Easter, Cloud Imperium Games has finally released the Alpha 3.1 update for “Star Citizen”, which is approximately 10.5 GB in size. The Character Customizer lets you change the look of your avatar, while the Service Beacon feature allows you to send emergency calls that other players can respond to.

Furthermore, five new ships and vehicles make their debut: Aegis Reclaimer, Anvil Terrapin, Misc Razor, Tumbril Cyclone and Nox Nue. In addition, numerous improvements in planetary technology, flight control, AI, weapons, physics, performance, etc. are on the program. The complete changelog is on the official site .

Alpha-Update 3.1 – Star Citizen

  • New features in the 3.1 update include the much-anticipated character customizer, allowing players to add a distinctive look to their in-game avatars by personalizing their physical appearance, as well as the Service Beacon feature, providing players the ability to send out distress calls which other players can detect and respond to.
  • Additionally the development team polished many of the exciting features that launched with the 3.0 patch in December. Updates to the planetary technology, IFCS (flight control), AI, the Personal Manager tool on each player’s mobiGlas, ship weapons, ship damage physics and overall performance optimization, all work in concert to improve the overall Star Citizen gameplay experience.
  • Five new ships and vehicles see their flyable/drivable debut in Alpha 3.1, including Aegis’ heavy salvage ship, the Reclaimer, the Anvil Terrapin-Class exploration vessel, MISC’s dedicated long-distance racer, the Razor, the Nox Kue, a flashy variant of Aopoa’s popular open canopy speedster, and the Tumbril Cyclone, a capable all-terrain ground vehicle.
  • “This is the first step in fulfilling the pledge we made to our community last December to target quarterly updates to Star Citizen,” said CEO and Creative Director Chris Roberts. “These are important updates and our fans should see some significant improvements to Star Citizen’s overall experience.
  • “Star Citizen is an ambitious game. We are working tirelessly to build a fully immersive experience where players will be able to have the adventures of a lifetime. One universe that can be a home for all gamers and one that will continue to grow and evolve. We are proud that so many gamers have joined with us to make Star Citizen the success that it is today.”

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