Arena War Now Available For The Players Of GTA Online


Rockstar Games has released the free Arena War expansion for GTA Online. Players compete against each other in the Maze Bank Arena, in heavily armed vehicles. Apart from a trailer that was released, now also more details were mentioned.

You’re in search of fame, and now is Showtime, take part in Destruction-Derbies, let fire rain from strategically placed artillery, and create chaos with EMP drones, self-destructing remote-controlled cars, and much, much, from the stands more, they say. There are a total of seven game modes available, listed below.


  • No mercy, no disqualification, no safe word. Be the last contender to stand in this massive vehicle battle under the dome of the Maze Bank Arena with a series of new armed motorcycles, cars and trucks specially built for maximum destruction.

Flag War

  • Two teams, two flags, one goal: The classic Capture the Flag formula has been adapted for Arena War so that it contains enough gas-guzzling power to appeal to the mainstream crowd.


  • If you’re good at driving really fast and then turning left, that’s a good start. Theoretically, you can win a round of Wreck-It by going first in a fair race. But do not worry: this has never happened before, because your adversaries, recently out-of-the-race viewers, and an ever-expanding array of traps and obstacles have conspired to turn you into a glowing pile of metal scrap. As the old saying goes, if it is not a race to the death then you just do not take it seriously enough.

Tag Team

  • Arena War is not just about relentless individualism. Sometimes you are only safe in one group and that is the case with the tag team. Each team always has one player in the arena whose sole objective is to destroy the opponent. Team members in the Auditorium have a selection of weapons at their disposal to give their partners a destructive advantage.

Games Masters

  • Of course, when it comes to brutal arena design, you can easily install the most dangerous death traps on the market anywhere. But nothing is enough for the pure sadism and ingenuity of a properly inspired person. One team collects checkpoints, the others use the devilish equipment in the arena to nullify this plan. And revenge is worth it: After each round, the roles are exchanged.

Here Come The Monsters

  • For centuries, gladiatorial fights to the death have brought the masses unbridled joy. In Here Come the Monsters, a team of monster trucks comes into the arena, stomping metal and bone alike into the bloody ground. The others get small cars and a dose of encouragement, but if only one of them survives, then they win. Let the games begin.

Hot bomb

  • Life is not about clinging to things, but passing them on. How inherited prosperity or your own claim attitude. Or a high-explosive device. In Hot Bomb, a player has the bomb that you can only get rid of by ramming other players. Add to that a time limit and a roaring crowd. So you make the survival of the fittest even more merciless.

When you enter the arena, you can earn double GTA $ and RP this week. Of course you can pimp your own death machines: “After you’ve purchased your workshop on the new website in-game, an on-site mechanical warfare specialist will help you pimp your repertoire of vehicles – from steel-chopping chainsaws up to pelvic battering rams, create a battle-ready car and devastate any unfortunate bastard stupid enough to stand in your way. ”

A total of 12 arena vehicles are available: “Visit the website to find all 12 new arena vehicles, each available in the styles Future Shock, Apocalypse, and Nightmare, some are ready to ship right after the delivery, others have their lives as simple streetcars started and still have to be improved in the Arenawerkstatt before. ” All further details can be found on the official site.


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