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Ark: Aberration Released Today, Extension In The Launch Trailer

Studio Wildcard today has the second expansion for “ARK: Survival Evolved” ready. “Aberration” will also be shown in the launch trailer.

Studio Wildcard today released the second official expansion for “ARK: Survival Evolved” on the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and the PC. “Aberration” adds a failed ARK and completely new requirements to the open world survival game. Fittingly, the launch trailer is available. Incidentally, “ARK: Survival Evolved” has been played by more than 12 million gamers.

Commenting on the expansion: “On a dilapidated and faulty ARC, with new subterranean areas, players are exposed to radioactive radiation, a merciless environment and many new challenges.” ARK: Aberration tells a new story in the ARC universe, with new creatures and Over 50 new craftable items, players can resort to tools such as zip lines and wingsuits, or descend to lofty heights with new climbing gear. ”

Features of ARK: aberration

  • New creatures: The intense radioactive radiation has led to incredible genetic mutations that have produced new beings with amazing abilities. Players can climb rock walls and glide through the air on the back of a well-camouflaged Stone Crest or bring light into the darkness with a Lantern Pug. The new Cave Crustacean can serve as a dangerous mount and the Reaper Queen can be used by other players as a breeding ground.
  • 50+ new unique items: Players can easily cross the new ARK thanks to new climbing gear, wingsuits and zip lines. New engrams help to control the ruthless environment, protective suits can reveal deadly environmental conditions, explosive cartridges, batteries, glow rods, railguns and much more expand the repertoire. New resources can be collected, fishing baskets and gas containers used to secure their own fortress in the caves and cliffs and ensure survival.
  • New Challenges: As ARC suffers from malfunctions and maintenance systems are not functioning properly, earthquakes, radioactive emissions, gas leaks and much more are among the many dangers that players have to overcome. In addition, the Nameless – relentless monstrosities, under the influence of the elements – require the constant attention of the players. But in the shallows of aberration, many fearsome creatures lurk on daring survivors.
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