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Ash Of Gods In March 2018, Round-Based PC Role-Playing Game


Aurum Dust will launch the turn-based PC role-playing game “Ash of Gods” in March 2018. The story trailer is already available.

The development studio Aurum Dust will release the turn-based PC role-playing game “Ash of Gods” in March 2018 for the PC. The story trailer agrees on the tactics game and also shows gameplay scenes. It says, “In Ash of Gods, you are one of the few valiant people who come together to stop the darkness and death that afflict the land, but remember sacrifices must be made who, who is allowed to live and who has to die.”

The title continues, “Ash of Gods is a turn-based role-playing game with a story that is constantly evolving and carries risks that dramatically affect the game, along with an extensive PvP mode Complexity and uncertainty of moral choices and any character can die in. Short-term benefits can cost a character’s life, while some episodes can be easier to play when making sacrifices. ”

Source: Press release

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