Astral Chain Planned As A Trilogy, No DLCs Provided

Astral Chain

Director Takahisa Taura has revealed that “Astral Chain” is planned as a trilogy. However, the project depends on how the action game will sell. However, post-launch DLC are not planned. “Astral Chain” will be released on August 30, 2019, for the Switch.

In “Astral Chain” you fight as a member of a police special unit against an extraterrestrial invasion. It says: “In a multicultural city of the future, the state of disasters must be declared because suddenly – as if out of nowhere – gates appear in another dimension: Dangerous creatures attack the inhabitants and pollute the environment The traditional police squads are overwhelmed called Neuron is founded. ”

It also says, “You can choose between two playable characters, one male and one female, and the character you do not choose turns up in the game as your younger twin or sister and also works for Neuron, the alien creatures To resist, humanity is developing a humanoid weapon: Legion Legion will guide you in your investigation, help you, and fight alongside you. ”

“Working in synergy with Legion, you can develop a variety of combat styles, such as attacking the same enemy at the same time, or attacking different enemies, or even offensive Legion, keeping you in the background, and supporting the battle with items research together, “is added.

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