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Basic Operator In Rainbow Six Siege Does Not Need To Be Unlocked


Ubisoft has posted some interesting news about the tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege.

“Operation Chimera” and the “Outbreak” event for “Rainbow Six Siege” are coming soon. “Operation Chimera” will be available on technical test servers from February 19, 2018 and on all platforms on March 6, 2018. “Outbreak” will be on February 20, 2018 on the technical test servers of “Operation Chimera” (PC) playable. It will then be available on all platforms from 6 March 2018 until 3 April 2018. Meanwhile, there are some new details about the game.

With the launch of the new Season 3, the 20 base operators with all their weapons attachments will be available right from the start. You do not need to unlock them with Renown or buy them over a season pass. This applies to all versions except the Starter Edition. However, the Starter Edition will now contain six instead of four operators.

And there is one more news to announce: A new PvP mode called “Pick & Ban” is introduced, allowing each team to prevent its opponents from using two operators of their choice throughout the game. The catch is that the second team is also forbidden to select these two operators for the match, as well as the two operators who ban their opponents. “Pick & Ban” will initially be introduced as an option in Custom Games. If everything goes well, public matchmaking could follow.

During the third year, some maps will also be updated. There will be smaller and bigger changes. The first card to receive a major overhaul is “Hereford Base”. It will retain the British theme, but the layout of the map will be completely changed. Ubisoft has also revealed that in “Rainbow Six Siege” sometime 100 operators should be available. Otherwise new videos may still be watched.

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