Battlefield 1: Apocalypse Is Released Today


Throughout the day and after maintenance, the Battlefield 1: Apocalypse expansion for premium passport owners will be released.

Update: The extension and the update are now ready. In addition, a trailer was released for “Battlefield 1: Apocalypse”.

Electronic Arts and DICE today release the extension “Battlefield 1: Apocalypse”, at least for premium passport owners. The changelog for the associated update is not yet available. The content reads: “Battlefield 1: Apocalypse expands the game by five multiplayer maps: the bloody mud hell of Passen dale and the twelfth Isonzo battle between Austrian and Italian troops are among the most notorious battles of the First World War in which you fiercely fight over you The picturesque wheat fields along the Somme transform after a devastating artillery shot into a nightmarish landscape. “It adds: “On ‘London Calling’ and ‘On the Edge of the Blade’, two maps developed exclusively for aerial battles, you can live out your pilot dreams, master the sky in a new air combat mode, and broaden the horizons of your Battlefield 1 experience For example, Battlefield 1: Apocalypse includes new vehicles, weapons, and gadgets such as the Assault’s anti-aircraft missile gun, which allows infantrymen to support teammates in the air and inflict serious damage on enemy aircraft. ”

The main features of Battlefield 1: Apocalypse

  • The atmosphere of the most notorious battleground of the First World War: Explore truly hellish landscapes on the latest maps of Battlefield 1 Apocalypse. Whether you fight high up in the Alps or in the muddy trenches of a devastated battlefield … your efforts to stay alive will drive you to the brink of despair. On every map, the effects of the war on you will be equally astonishing and frightening.
  • Horses with Gas Masks: Horses with gas masks create fear in the hearts of their enemies and are only available on the Battlefield 1 Apocalypse maps. This will protect you from gas attacks, but you should always have a hand on your own gas mask if you face the dangers of Apocalypse.
  • Numerous unlocks and challenges for ambitious collectors and daring professionals: Unlock more weapons with brand new weapon assignments and complete unique service assignments to get unique dog tags. Professionals will love the Mali, a new form of specialization. Mali are “anti-benefits” that make it harder for your soldier. Show everyone who the boss is by staying at the top of the leaderboard despite Mali’s death toll (200 points on each respawn) or paranoia (you can not lose your gas mask).
  • Unique Opportunities for Melee Kills: Desperate times require desperate measures. Owners of Battlefield 1 Apocalypse immediately find the dreadful butcher’s cleaver in their melee inventory, along with the improvised grenade as a grenade option. You can also unlock the Crowbar by collecting puzzle pieces in Battlepacks.
  • Victory (and lots of points) with the Livens Projector: While on the Battlefield 1 Apocalypse maps, look for a previously unknown stationary weapon: the Livens Projector. Find this mortar-like innovation and wrap your enemies in a toxic gas cloud. Surprise the enemy with the shelling, rip the rudder in the battle, and watch the experience points roll.

Written by Mickey Bucks


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