Battlefield 5 – New Part of The Shooter Series For 2018 Announced

The CEO of EA has confirmed a new offshoot of Battlefield for 2018.

In the context of an investor call for next year, Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson announced a new part of the Battlefield series. The next serial carrier is therefore to appear 2018 . This was reported by the BF fansite Battlefield Bulletin on Twitter. More information is not available yet.

US Colossal CEO Andrew Wilson talked about some of the games currently being developed with the Frostbite Engine , and the name of the DICE shooter (software house owned by the powerful graphics engine) appears among them. A hypothetical Battlefield 5 , therefore, is expected by next year.

When Wilson was asked about plans for next year, he replied,

“We will continue to provide our Battlefield fans, including the next major franchise game.”

Now of course it can be speculated in which setting and the next Battlefield throws. The fans on Twitter want a Battlefield: Vietnam or Bad Company 3 among others . As soon as there is more information, you will find it with us.

The current part is very popular: Battlefield 1 reached 21 million players by June 2017 . The Russian DLC in the name of the Tsar will be released by the end of this year.

Written by GameZinger Staff


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