Best iPhone Games Of 2018 – Top 10 iOS Games List


Best iPhone Games Of 2018 – Top 10 iOS Games – What a gaming year! For every taste and on every platform there were great games to be recorded. Of course, this also applies to Apple’s App Store, which, in addition to extremely successful implementations, also brought about completely new games.

What could be more natural than to look back on the past year and to pay tribute to the biggest blockbusters and the best indie pearls? What are you playing on the iPhone or iPad? Always something new, or rather an old classic that just never gets boring? Let us know in the comments and have fun with our Top 10 iOS Games of 2018.


Category: Bubble bursting with addiction
App Store Link: Download “Tiny Bubbles” in the AppStore

Hach, puzzle games. Hardly any of our monthly lists can do without a pebble or two, and several members of the genre have made it onto the year-end list, including Tiny Bubbles. Basically, the gameplay is very simple (as with almost all good puzzle games).

You are to cause the eponymous bubbles to burst by making sure that four or more of the same coloured bubbles are next to each other. At least that’s one of the goals because the game is doing a great job in introducing new game mechanics, so you never get bored in the well over 100 levels.

So you can also mix colours to get to your destination or meet other goals. Also very cool:

The mix of simple, but yet atmospheric-colourful graphics, easy to understand, but addictive gameplay and enough variety and scope ensures that “Tiny Bubbles” is more than just the sum of its parts.

The game blends into an absolute puzzle gem that genre fans should definitely not miss, and we warmly recommend the rest of us to give the title a chance. You’ll be rewarded with hours of fun, and you certainly will not regret buying our iOS game of the year.


Category: playful and optical high-calibre
App Store Link: Download “Oddmar” in the AppStore

Our GameZinger Team had tested and praised “Oddmar” in April, wondering where the game would end up in the Game of the Year ranking. So it’s not surprising that the title here actually reappears on top of the list.

The first thing that strikes this hopping game is the look. The adventure around the eponymous Viking Oddmar just looks fantastic. We would even go so far as to call it one of the best graphics iOS games ever.

Not from a technical point of view, since 3D games (unlike the 2D “Oddmar”), of course, have much more to do, but the art design, animations, and colourful and detail-packed levels, in general, are sure to enchant the eye of the beholder.

The gameplay is also at the forefront, the game offers both touch control (which is superbly implemented) as well as MFi controller support. The overall package is not a little bit like “Rayman Adventures”, and that without upsetting or falling negatively in comparison.

In short, the new game of “Leo’s Fortune” makers is one of the most beautiful iOS games ever and to recommend to any friend of hopping games only very warmly. Those who still believe that only half-baked games can be implemented on smartphones that lag behind their big role models have certainly never played “Oddmar”.


Category: Roguelike Map RPG
App Store Link: Download “Meteorfall: Journey” on the AppStore

A game that we did not have on our radar in our monthly leaderboard was “Meteorfall: Journey”. The title is basically a card-based roguelike with a role-playing scaffolding. So you fight your way through the story, where you have to put together a deck and then use it in the battles.

On the one hand, of course, it is important to pay attention to balance, otherwise, it can happen quite quickly that you do not pull a much-needed kind of card out of the pile for too long. In a Roguelike that means fast game over and starts all over again. But that’s just part of it, and you’re not only gaining experience in your next run but your deck as well.

Deckbuilding is one of the essential parts of the game and lets you have a lot of freedom because so many game mechanics build on it. Do you prefer more stamina or health? Or rather invest upgrades in the power of a card, in which you do not know when and if you pull them out of the pile at the next confrontation?

It’s this trade-off, the ever-lurking pixel death, and the cool RPG packaging that makes “Meteorfall: Journey” a really great whole. The presentation also contributes to the extremely successful overall picture.


Category: Black & White
App Store Link: Download “Ovivo” in the AppStore

Ovivo is half a puzzle platform mix and half a relaxation or meditation app. Sounds strange at first, but who has seen the game once in motion, knows what we mean. The minimalistic black-and-white graphics have their own charm but are also crucial for gameplay and overview during the game.

You can change gravity, and you can run on black or white. You can not jump by yourself for that, you just have to handle it with quick changes of gravity as you move to the right or left. Despite its simplicity, the graphics are extremely atmospheric and, thanks to their often curved and branched elements, they have an almost hypnotic effect.

Although “Ovivo” is based on simple gameplay and simple graphics, but that’s what makes the game so special because even without eye-candy, the title can cast us under its spell. While this may sound like “Style over Substance”, anyone who is in the flow here will agree that “Ovivo” is one of the most successful experiences of the year.


Category: Ultra-Indie-Darling
App Store Link: Download “Stardew Valley” on the AppStore

There are always indie games that take the world by storm. But hardly anything has hit in recent years in such a way and conquered the hearts of the players like “Stardew Valley”, which also appeared in 2018 for iOS.

Those who have never heard of the title in spite of the mega-hype: It is essentially a farm simulation in the spirit of the good, old “Harvest Moon” games on Nintendo consoles. But while this series has lost the more its magic, “Stardew Valley” is a love letter to the good old days.

In the beginning, you inherit a run-down farm and you have to bring it back to fruition. Alone that already brings tons of scope and long-term motivation, but in addition, there are the interactions and resulting challenges with the people in the village, and battles against dark beings can happen, depending on where you venture.

The whole thing comes in a beautiful 16-bit pixel optics therefore and also the soundtrack is to dream and revel. In short, “Stardew Valley” offers a great overall package and is a must-have title for all retro fans and for gamers who like to take it easy.

Hardly any physical work has ever been so much fun. Truly a very special title that has truly earned its place among the best iOS titles of the year.


Category: Sand instead of snow, in this odyssey
App Store Link: Download “Alto’s Odyssey” on the AppStore

You loved “Alto’s Adventure” and would like to have more of them? Then “Alto’s Odyssey” is your game. Because apart from the setting, you’ve gone pretty safe here and made more evolutionary rather than revolutionary changes.

Now you are travelling with your board in a desert environment, so it’s sandboarding instead of snowboarding announced. Of course, this is also reflected in the look. Instead of snow-capped mountains, you move across sand dunes or through oriental-looking areas, and the lighting creates a beautiful atmosphere in different shades.

As in the first part you jump by touching the touchscreen and turn until you release again and hopefully land clean. Through these deposits as well as by Grinden and other actions you get points and speed boosts. In addition, they also fulfil one of the three (always new slipping) challenges.

So you unlock other characters with their own attributes and other goodies. “Alto” veterans notice: This is nothing new. But as I said, that’s not the goal of the game. Here one simply wanted to offer more content of the same game principle in a different setting.

The relaxing atmosphere in a beautiful graphic. The risk-reward system with the leaps in ever different level layouts. The Zen mode for those who want to use the app just to relax, without pressure. No, “Alto’s Odyssey” is not a brave game. But the skeleton laid by the predecessor is so good, polished and addictive.


Category: Old Gameplay Virtues, Old Sins
App Store Link: Download “The Room: Old Sins” on the AppStore

The Room is still a great game today, almost 6 years after its release. Sure, the then-stunning graphics is now only “very nice”, but the gameplay of the classic knows even in 2018 to captivate. It was almost inevitable that sequels followed.

Part 2 offered more of what did the first part so well. Part 3 was also an exquisite title but extended the concept away from the focus on exploring a cube or other object. Instead, the game was much more open and felt a bit of an adventure in some ways, which not all fans liked.

But these can now relax with a sigh of relief, because “The Room: Old Sins” remembers old virtues and is again much more focused. This time it’s mainly a (pretty scary) dollhouse, in which you can decode numerous puzzles and uncover secrets.

Many gameplay elements from the early days celebrate a comeback, but in addition, you also collect more items than usual, which are used again somewhere. Of course, levers to manipulate and elements to postpone are also an integral part.

The story is also very nice, but you can also ignore it to a greater or less extent if necessary. But the most important thing, namely the gameplay and the puzzle design, have succeeded on the dot, and puzzle friends will not get around to “The Room: Old Sins”.


Category: Post Apocalyptic Golf Fun
App Store Link: Download “Golf Club: Wasteland” on the AppStore

If you wanted a 2D golf game on iOS, you probably took the games of the “Super Stickman Golf” series. In contrast to these graphically very simple held games “Golf Club: Wasteland” despite the bleak settings with very stylish graphics. Otherwise, the title offers what you’d expect from a wacky 2D golf game: lots of obstacles, shortcuts, and a lot of tricky situations where you have to weigh how much risk you want to take.

The playability is impeccable, the courses are driven according to the setting and varied, and you just get around experience, as it is not quite common for a game of golf. You can tell that this was the lifeblood and ideas that flowed into the implementation and not just a quick shot in the App Store landed.

This is also reflected in the fact that a lot of humorous references and odd situations can be found in the game and make you smile. There are many references to more or less current occurrences and personalities, which give the game again a very own touch.

In addition to the already mentioned presentation also good music, and (almost) finished is probably the best 2D golf title, we know. There is a lot more to discover in “Golf Club: Wasteland”, but that’s up to you. Whether you like golf or not, this game should definitely find the way on your iPhone.


Category: Rhythmic Sound Puzzler
App Store Link: Download “ELOH” in the AppStore

Puzzle games on iOS have been around for almost as long as the app store itself. Many no longer stand out from the sheer mass of available titles. However, this does not apply to “ELOH”, which is unique, both in terms of look and gameplay premise. You have one or more speakers from which a sound appears, visually represented by a line.

Also on the screen are blocks that you can move within certain limits. The goal now is to place the blocks so that all sound waves “bounce” correctly and end up at the designated points. The funny part: while you’re trying out the blocks in the levels, the sound waves are already making sounds.

So, as part of the game, you’re creating your own soundtrack, and the closer you get to the solution, the better and groovier it all sounds. There is no rating system, such as stars, so you can fully relax and enjoy this sound puzzle. Also, just pause for a moment, and listen to the sounds, so brings you no disadvantage.

After a pretty easy start, “ELOH” will continue with some new tricks, so you will not get bored during the 85 levels. “ELOH” is not the most comprehensive puzzle game we know, but certainly one of the most intriguing, sometimes mesmerizing.


Category: Hole-in-one? All in one hole!
App Store Link: Download Donut County on the AppStore

Holes. One of the special features of Donuts, and at the same time the main content of “Donut County”. Because you controlled in this not only visually reminiscent of the “Katamari” games title is not a superhero and no average types.

No, instead, you already know it, you control a hole! Your task is to make everything that is not completely rivet-nailed disappear into the hole. You simply move it around on the level surface via touch control. You start with little things, and with each item swallowed, the hole grows bigger, opening up new possibilities.

Sounds pretty simple and it is basically too. But through various cool ideas, such as the possibility In the course of the game also being able to spit things out and thus set other level elements on fire, results in rather puzzle-like gameplay. The crazy and really great presentation and the outrageous (as well as crazy) story combined with the incredibly fun gameplay make “Donut County” a real gem.

A game that actually takes only one idea, but so skillfully implemented and decorated that you can not help but sit with a big grin in front of his iPhone while you play. That’s the way it has to be, and Donut County deservedly secures a place in our annual top list.

Have Any More Suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!

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