Blizzard Employees Do Not Like To Write In The Official Forums


Only a few developers of Blizzard Entertainment write something in the official forums because they do not want to be offended and threatened.

In the official forums of Blizzard Entertainment came the question, why actually so few developers of “Overwatch” write something. The game director Jeff Kaplan has dealt with the reasons. The harsh handling simply frightens too many developers, because they do not want to be offended and threatened. “It is not exactly what I would call a safe environment for creative people to express their thoughts and feelings openly,” said Jeff Kaplan, since in principle every word is placed on the gold scale.

He added, “The developers are talking to you using their real names, and if you allow me to speak openly for a moment, that’s quite frightening, the community is great overall, but there are some pretty mean people out there It is very easy to write the wrong one and give it a ‘promise’ to the community, “When we say that we are working on something, we can not take it back, it is carved in stone.”

“Because we are open and do not hide behind an anonymous user name (as opposed to all of you who have that luxury), we are often personally attacked and threatened, and public speaking and writing is a part of the job frightening and intimidating, it often feels like you can not win it, “says Jeff Kaplan. For these reasons there are only so few developers who are active in the forums. This, of course, does not mean that one ignores constructive feedback, quite the opposite.



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