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Blizzard Has No Plans To Bring Hearthstone To The Switch

Although Hearthstone is very well suited for the Switch at first glance, Blizzard Entertainment has once again rejected such a version. Game Director Ben Brode said at PAX East 2018 in Boston, “It’s possible, but right now we have no plans to do that, we’re already on the smartphone, so many players who own a switch also have mobile Devices they can play on.

Blizzard Entertainment is also concerned that with “Hearthstone” should be constantly online, which is not possible with the switch.

Ben Brode likes the switches a lot, but he adds, “I’m not sure Hearthstone would be 100 percent perfect for the Switch, and we’ve already reached many of those players via the smartphone and tablet, I do not know, but we do currently have no plans. ”

Written by Mickey Bucks



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