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Border Break Appears For PS4, Free-To-Play Mech Action

SEGA has announced the 10-on-10 Border Break robot action game for PlayStation 4. It is set to free-to-play.

SEGA brings the 2009 released arcade game “Border Break” on the PlayStation 4. The release will be done this year as a free-to-play title, at least in Japan. For the West, there is still no confirmation. A physical publication with in-game extras is also offered.

Otherwise, “Border Break” is financed by microtransactions. “Border Break” offers 10-on-10 robot fights on different maps. Of course it will be possible to customize your robot. In February 2018, an open beta will be performed that does not require a PlayStation Plus.

Game modes of Border Break

  • Story Mode – Expands the world of Border Break.
  • Beginner Match – Player vs. CPU battle.
  • Casual Match – Casual player-versus-player battles without rank changes.
  • Ranked Match – player-versus-player matches with rank changes based on outcome and activity in battle.


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