Bravo Team VR Review – Not Upto Our Expectation


A tactical co-op shooter for PlayStation VR? That sounds promising. However, “Bravo Team” does not live up to its own ambitions and turns out to be a ricochet for the Aim Controller.

For about 18 months, the PlayStation VR is now in the shops. But from the virtual reality hype of that time is now only a lukewarm breeze left. After a “Resident Evil 7” created completely new impressions, many disappointed big productions and so fell over the months of interest in Sony’s high-tech toys.

Bravo Team received praise at the time of its revelation and quite a few were hoping for a strategically-inspired shooter that would throw you right into the middle of the battle. But the action game does not reach this goal completely. The main reason for this is the lack of variety and the simple level design.


But let’s start from the beginning: “Bravo Team” is a tactical shooter for PlayStation VR and was created by supermassive games. The studio that last launched “The Inpatient” lays out the current title especially for the Aim Controller already known from “Farpoint”. Although the game also supports the normal Dualshock or even the Move, but so much joy that does not prepare. Especially with the normal gamepad control, “Bravo Team” feels bad and the aim of moving the controller is simply unwieldy.


Contrary to “Farpoint” but you do not control your character in “Bravo Team” freely. Instead, jump from one cover to the next, peek over it and shoot salvos at your opponents. On the one hand, this game mechanics works neatly: The navigation with the Aim Controller is comparatively precise and just in the first minutes make the firefights right mood.

The rather static gameplay also ensures that the usual VR side effects fail. Nausea or dizziness did not appear in the test during longer sessions. At the same time, however, the constant movement from one cover to the next deprives the game of momentum. You do not really feel free, but have to keep looking for the next set points.

At the same time, “Bravo Team” attaches great importance to the co-op game mechanics. Consequently, you are never alone on the road. If you do not have a human comrade at hand, a computer soldier takes over his role. You command these with simple commands and let him rush or follow you.

However, “Bravo Team” is clearly enjoying the online co-op. Here, the game is almost reminiscent of an arcade shooter: You talk by chat, coordinate attacks and help you if necessary, when one goes to the ground. Tactics is limited, but especially in the higher difficulty levels you should flank your opponents or sneak up on you. Silent attacks are also possible, but due to the nature of the game these are rare.


The very big enthusiasm does not want to come up with “Bravo Team” however. The story turns out to be only a means to an end and after the moments of the first few minutes hardly anything new happens. The campaign consists of only six chapters.

This corresponds to a playing time between two and a half and three and a half hours. You start on a bridge, shoot yourself later through a police station and finally fight over the rooftops. Unfortunately, “Bravo Team” does not offer a lot of variety and every minute you feel more like a visit to the Schiessbude at the fair.

This is the VR shooter technically – in contrast to “Farpoint” – rather solid average. You battle with retort-derived clone armies whose moves are mostly stiff, and hit feedback leaves much to be desired. The scene, which is based on a Russian metropolis, looks gloomy and sad in the first place, but fits quite well with the serious background.

Really disturbing are the recurrent graphic errors. In the test, our cannon repeatedly protruded into cover and even got stuck in it. The same is sometimes true for fallen adversaries.


We had promised a lot more of “Bravo Team”. Unfortunately, supermassive games do not provide a shooter revolution for the PlayStation VR. The basic concept could have worked, but the potential tactical shooter simply lacks game depth and variety.

Ultimately, you’ll spend three hours blasting through enemy waves, and whether you’re using a sniper rifle, an MG, or a shotgun will make little difference.

Really annoying are the blunders in the shooter gameplay itself: The poor hit feedback takes the kills the momentum.

Written by Mickey Bucks


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