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Castle Of Heart Now Available For Switch


The classic action platformer “Castle of Heart” may now be experienced on the Switch. The developers show a launch trailer.

The classic action platformer “Castle of Heart” from the Polish developer studio 7levels is now available as a download for the Nintendo Switch. In addition, the launch trailer with gameplay scenes may be watched.

The title states: “Players take on the role of a knight fighting against the curse of a sinister wizard who turns him to stone, and in addition to action-packed combat, the action platformer combines the best elements of the Golden Age genre with unique and modern mechanics in fantastic 3D environments. ”

Castle of Heart features

  • A unique main character: a turned to stone knight who fights against his decay
  • 20 completely different levels in four beautiful real-world-inspired environments
  • Around 50 different types of short-range and long-range weapons that allow each player to find their own individual fighting style
  • HD rumble support that lets players dive deeper into the game
  • At least 7 hours of addictive gameplay
  • Epic boss fights at the end of each location
  • Stunning graphic design
  • Numerous power-ups that enrich the gameplay
Source: Press release

Written by Mickey Bucks


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