Code Vein Gameplay Video Played By Action Director


Bandai Namco Entertainment presents more gameplay material on “Code Vein,” including a brutal boss fight.

Bandai Namco Entertainment has released new gameplay material on “Code Vein” as part of a livestream. We see a dungeon and a brutal boss fight. “Code Vein” will be released in 2018 for the PC, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

As the story goes, “In a not too distant future, the world as we know it has perished in a mysterious catastrophe.” The skyscrapers towering into the sky – once a sign of prosperity – are just lifeless tombs of humanity back then At the epicenter of this devastation is a secret society of revenants called Vein, where the few remaining fight for survival in this lonely fortress, assisted by superhuman forces defying their memories and thirsting for blood If they give themselves up to this thirst for blood, they risk becoming one of the lost – devilish ghouls without any humanity. ”

Written by Mickey Bucks



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