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Content Drop 3 Available For Aven Colony


Publisher Team 17 and the development studio Mothership Entertainment have released the third content update for the PC version of the science fiction build simulation “Aven Colony”. Included are a new perk system, three more challenge missions, three additional sandbox cards, and more.

Content Drop 3 – Aven Colony

  • New Governor Perks system! Select 1 of 15 perks when starting any new mission (see below for a full list).
  • New Challenge Missions: Boreal Bay, Bluestone Falls, and Icebound Isle. These are very challenging missions designed for experienced players, but can be played at the same time.
  • New sandbox maps: Boreal Bay, Bluestone Falls, and Icebound Isle are now available as sandbox maps.
  • Landing sites: all sandbox maps now have alternate “A” and “B” start locations (“A” is the previous location, and “B” is the new one)
  • Revised sandbox setup: completely overhauled the sandbox setup UI to better display all possible options, and added a few more sandbox setup options
  • Revised difficulty setup: changed campaign mission difficulty to a list instead of a drop-down. Thus, what are the options are impacted (note that unlike sandbox)?
  • New building: Water Treatment Plant! The Water Treatment Plant recovers to the total amount of water. Note that each residential building can only be served by 1 Water Treatment Plant.
  • New indicator: battery power! This indicator only appears at the bottom of the screen if your colony has Energy Batteries. It also doubles as a button and can be used on battery mode on or off.
  • New overlays: Health, Turret Coverage, Lightning Tower Coverage.

Written by Mickey Bucks


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