Dead Man DLC Release Date For Arizona Sunshine Revealed

Dead Man will be the first campaign DLC for the VR zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine. The PC will be powered up on May 24, 2018, owners of PlayStation VR have to wait until June 2018. The Dead Man DLC includes a prequel mission that plays out in the last days before the events of “Arizona Sunshine” in a completely new environment. Most of the mission takes place in a rocket silo.

They say, “You are leading the desperate attempt of a US Army Special Command to launch a missile with a nuclear explosive to stop the spread of the zombies in the American Southwest.”

All of our favorite zombie series on TV showed us in a prequel story, as the main characters realize that hell has broken out around them, we thought it would be cool to put our players in a similar situation. In addition, three new weapons and three new masks are offered.


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