Design Director Explains: Why Forza Horizon 4 Is Taking Place In The Uk


Design Director Jon Knoles has commented a bit more on Forza Horizon 4 and revealed why Britain was chosen as the location for action. First, the country fits in well with the new Seasons feature and can display different weather conditions.

In addition, Great Britain can offer a lot of geographical diversification, even though most people only think of rocks, green meadows, and fog.

Furthermore, you want to represent Edinburgh as detailed and correct. Another point is that Great Britain has a great car and motor racing past and many great roads. The parts of the game world should capture Wales, Scotland, and England perfectly. The size will roughly correspond to Australia from Forza Horizon 3.

In the beginning, you get a Rocket Tour in each season of each a few minutes offered. When you arrive at the event and start the campaign, you will have one hour per season. You even get a house to use as a base. Afterward, you will be transferred to the server-controlled clock, which is the same for all players around the world.

From then on, each season lasts one week. Every player around the world will experience the same time of day, the same weather, and the same season. In addition, even the same seasons will be different.

Various changes are to be made from autumn to autumn or summer to summer. New events, challenges, and other things are offered. No season should be like the previous one. Forza Horizon 4 will be released on October 2, 2018, for the Xbox One and the PC.

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