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Destiny 2 Update 1.2.0 Will Be Released Next Week


On May 8, 2018, not only the “War Spirit” expansion for “Destiny 2” will be released, the 1.2.0 update will also be launched that day. Bungie has already provided an overview of the feature changes and bug fixes that will be released next week. The full changelog will be shown on May 8, 2018.

Preview of Update 1.2.0

  • As a short-term solution, the vault space was increased from 200 to 300 items
  • The multi-gesture is finally here! You can now fill all four gesture options with self-selected gestures.
  • This means that the entire gesture collection is now always available for you to exchange.
  • Items from the Gesture Collection have been removed from the vault because this is now superfluous.
  • “Guide Games” now has a Leviathan Guide badge that counts the number of times you’ve completed raid encounters and raids as a guide.
  • This badge gives a unique aura for 14 days after completing a raid as a guide.
  • Once a week, when the aura is active, you get a shine engram when you play a raid to the end as a guide.
  • There is now a new inventory category that has tracking items, such as the exotic quests.
  • Items in the Orders category are specific to each character and are not shared through the total account.
  • Audio settings in the game (controls between 1 and 10) have been added or revised:
    • SFX volume
    • Dialogue / cutscene volume
    • Music Volume
    • Chat volume
  • Weekly lockouts of Raids and Raid Rewards bonuses are now class based.
  • Players with multiple characters in the same class will only receive bonuses the first time they play Raid Tracts or Raids in a week.
  • Fixed a bug where the event badges did not appear in collections unless you have “Curse of Osiris”.
  • Fixed a bug that made the screen black if you wanted to load into the tower.
  • Fixed a bug where Cayde offered only a treasure map for Mercury.

More details on upcoming changes and improvements are available on the official site. Prior to the 1.2.0 update, server maintenance will also be performed. “The Destiny services will be offline for maintenance on Tuesday, May 8, 2018. During this time, Destiny 2: War Spirit, Update 1.2.0, and Hotfix will be available,” they said.

15:00 CEST (13:00 UTC)

  • Start of Destiny 2 server maintenance
  • Players can no longer log in to Destiny-2

16:00 CEST (14:00 UTC)

  • Players still in a Destiny 2 activity will be returned to the main screen
  • Destiny 2: War Spirit and Update 1.2.0 will be available for download and installation

20:00 CEST (18:00 UTC)

  • End of Destiny 2 server maintenance
  • Destiny 2 Hotfix will be available for download and installation

The storage requirement for Destiny 2 with all updates

  • PS4: 71 GB
  • Xbox One: 50 GB
  • PC: 68 GB

Destiny Update 1.2.0 – Known Issues

  • Anti-Destruction Greaves: The “Titanium Destruction Greaves” armor item for female Titans shows a small visual bug.
  • Exotic Masterpieces: Once an Exotic Weapon or Exotic Armor piece is made into a masterpiece, it will not display as such when viewed in the Preview of Exotic Engrams.
  • Strike playlist: Players can not use the player search for strikes from extensions that they do not own. If players try to join a betting squad of players who have an extension that they do not have themselves, an ad will appear asking them to buy the expansion they need.
  • War mind:
    • Some quest items in the War Spirit Campaign may not appear in the lootstream of all Task Force members. However, the corresponding quest item should end up in the inventory of all Task Force members.
    • If players have a full engram inventory, they may not be able to accept some quest items from merchants until they provide space in their inventory.
    • Exotic Armor Collection: We are aware of a problem that displays the extras text in the Exotic Armor tooltips in “War Spirit” in a different color than similar equipment. This does NOT mean that players need to unlock these extras in order to access them.

Incidentally, the “Destiny 2” hotfix has already been released. The download brings: “Fixed a bug where some PC players could not open Destiny 2 in full-screen mode.”

Written by Mickey Bucks


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