Destiny 2 Will Include More Than 80 Pve Activities And Missions

In addition to the ratings of some recently released titles, the latest issue of EDGE includes an in-depth study of Destiny 2 , which reveals some interesting information about game content.

So let us know that there will be more than eighty PvE missions and activities, and each of these will be substantial in terms of duration, challenge, history and rewards. With the second chapter will also be introduced a time limit in Cala la Notte , players will then have to develop new strategies in order to be more efficient.

What do you think? Destiny 2 will be available from September 6 on Xbox One and Playstation 4, and will be on PC on October 24th. Bungie has recently confirmed the presence of the counter of the FPS and the option to determine the frame-rate target.

Written by GameZinger Staff


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