Details Of Dayz On The Xbox One X, Crossplay With PC Unlikely

There are Deatils for Xbox One X support for “DayZ”. Unfortunately, there will probably be no crossplay with the PC users.

The online survival game “DayZ” will be released this year for the Xbox One and as the developers announced, the current version of the title on the Xbox One X already runs at 50 to 60 FPS at 1080p.

However, it is also a 4K mode with 30 frames per second. For performance on the normal Xbox One, no information was provided.

A crossplay with the PC, however, is unlikely. According to Bohemia Interactive: “Although technically quite feasible, we would rather not mix PC and console players, as this would lead to a noticeable gameplay imbalance.” It was also clarified that work is also on a PS4 version, but there will be information later.


Written by Mickey Bucks


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