Did Rare Hint At New Perfect Dark?


Actually, it was initially just a pair of pants for the summer, but maybe Rare has hinted at a new “Perfect Dark”.

You probably should not interpret too much into it, but Rare may have hinted at a new “Perfect Dark” and an announcement at the E3 2018. A user has discovered a pair of shorts with a Perfect Dark logo on it and shared it via Twitter.

Rare responded as follows: “Just at the right time, soon it’s summer.” Of course, you can see that in the summer short shorts are worn, but when another Twitter user commented that the E3 would take place in the summer, Rare wrote: “Finally someone noticed!”

So is it more than just a pair of short pants? Is this an E3 announcement of “Perfect Dark” for the Xbox One and the PC meant? The recently heavily criticized first-party line-up of Microsoft would certainly help such a game. But as I said, maybe there is too much interpreted into it.

Written by Mickey Bucks


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