Distant Stars – The Next Story Expansion For The Strategy Game Stellaris

Paradox Interactive announced today Distant Stars, the next story expansion for the strategy game “Stellaris”. Distant Stars brings players to new systems and shows up in the trailer. A release date was not mentioned. “Distant Stars lets players discover new anomalies and living things in space as they follow the new story into the depths of space,” they say.

Features of Distant Stars

  • Behind closed doors: The player goes in search of an ancient network consisting of gates that lead to a location outside the known galaxy. But do these gates hold something outside or inside?
  • The sensors are receiving something … that’s impossible: dozens of anomalies and new events are waiting to be explored by the players. Scientists are looking forward to new wonders and secrets in a faraway galaxy.
  • New worlds: Undiscovered, unique solar systems, which have their own story to tell, want to be explored. Additional technologies and resources make it possible to colonize new worlds and expand your own galactic empire.
  • There is always a bigger fish: unique creatures populate the expanse of undiscovered space. But be careful, because some of these giants have been roaming these regions for ages, defending their territory to the brim.
Source: Press release

Written by Mickey Bucks


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