Doom: Update 6.66 Is Ready, All DLCs Unlocked and Free

Today, the developers of id software took several announcements to “Doom”. Not only did the update to version 6.66 be made available, it was also announced that all DLCs can be downloaded free of charge with immediate effect.

On the official blog of the responsible publisher Bethesda Softworks the developers of id software today announced several announcements on the shooter “Doom”.

For example, it was announced that owners of “Doom” now have the opportunity to download all DLCs to the shooter for free. This gives you free access to nine maps, three additional weapons, and numerous other content. Who “Doom” so far should not be his own, the title including all DLCs currently at the price of 14.99 euros to catch up.

Doom: Update to version 6.66 is ready

Anyone who wants to convince themselves before the purchase of the playful strengths of “Doom”, can look forward to a free weekend, as id Software executes: “From 18:00 CEST on Thursday July 20th on Xbox One, 19th : 00 hrs CEST on the same day on PC and from 6:00 pm CEST on Thursday, July 27th on PlayStation 4 you can try Doom for free. ”

Finally, it is pointed out that there is a new update for “Doom”, with which the shooter is lifted to version 6.66. With this, according to the developers, a new run system, better player information, and a user interface that has been redesigned based on community feedback. In addition, the progress system has been revised.

Id Software: “The revised progress system changes how and when players unlock new weapons, demons and equipment. It also affects the customization options of players and weapons. The disconnection system is no longer randomly generated, but is bound to certain levels of prerequisites or challenges. For example, if you want to capture a certain helmet, you can work it out by fulfilling the appropriate prerequisites or completing the challenge. We are sure that new players, like veterans, will like the control and predictability of this new multiplayer advancement system. ”

All further details on the new update of “Doom” are waiting for you on the official website .

Written by GameZinger Staff



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