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Dreadnought BETA Trailer, BETA Access Now Opens

After several weeks in Closed BETA, the Combat title ‘Dreadnought’ by Yager is now available as Open BETA, so any interested player can participate.

In Dreadnought, you take command of huge spaceships, which operate in tactical team competitions in space and in the atmosphere of different planets of the solar system. As a mercenary captain, you have only two goals: Earn your reputation and secure battle rewards. To achieve that, you should be frightened by nothingness in the fight.

A second focus in Dreadnought is building his own battleship, which was as accessible to all players as possible. In addition to pre-configured ships, it is also possible to assemble his very own battleship from the ground up and to fight with him. Five different classes of ships specialize in important roles such as close combat, long-range encroaching, strategic support and much more, provide captains with unique tools to take advantage of the opponent’s weaknesses and win the victory.

In addition to the cards from the closed beta, the open BETA contains two completely new cards, as well as 6 new night cards (new variations of existing cards). The Open Beta also includes four game variants: Team Deathmatch, Team Elimination, Training and Havoc Mode. Havoc is a cooperative and exclusively available mode on PlayStation 4, where three players have to fight against increasing enemy waves as long as possible, with ships that will further improve them throughout the game.

The console exclusive Hactar hero ship, a new Share Factory design and two dynamic designs are also available free of charge from PlayStation Store.


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