Earth Atlantis To Release For PC on January 29

Headup Games and Pixel Perfex have announced that the side-scrolling shooter Earth Atlantis will be released on January 29, 2019, for the PC. Earth Atlantis is already available for Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

In Earth Atlantis, the metropolises of humanity are destroyed and lie as ruins of steel and stone at the bottom of the sea and the machines have adapted to the new living conditions: they roam the sea as a dangerous hybrid of machine and deep-sea monster.

It adds: “The style of Earth Atlantis is reminiscent of old drawings and notes from seafaring times when the oceans were still unexplored and it was believed that the sea was inhabited by fantastic creatures in one of four different submarines, each with its own With other advantages and weapons, the player embarks on a tour of discovery, discovering this surreal world, the sunken landmarks of humanity, vast sea monsters, and many intense battles await him. ”


Written by Mickey Bucks


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