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Earthfall Available Today, Co-Op Shooter In The Launch Trailer

The cooperative shooter Earthfall is available today for the PC, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, including the launch trailer.

The alien invasion has begun as the co-op shooter Earthfall is available today for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (except in the European PSN store, release next week). The indie studio Holospark shows the suitable launch trailer.

According to the game, Earthfall is a cooperative shooter in which, after the invasion of hostile aliens, the fate of the planet is in the hands of a few, up to four players gather together and take their fate into their hands In the northwestern United States, where players expect action-packed, suspense-packed setting and fast-paced gameplay over ten missions, teams of up to four players battle their way through lethal and highly hostile aliens pursuing a sinister, apocalyptic plan Do the alien invaders plan?

It goes on to say: To find out, it’s all about survival at first, with a vast array of weapons, portable barricades and heavy turrets available to players to help them spontaneously build a shelter in garages and other areas Secure it against the aliens, and if everything goes wrong, there are always 3D printers along the way to print new weapons.

Source: Press release

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