Electronic Arts Has 12 Titles Under Development With The Frostbite Engine

As stated by the US company during the last meeting with shareholders, the various Electronic Arts development studios are currently working on a total of 12 titles made with the Frostbite Engine , a graphics engine created by the Swedish DICE software house .

For the fiscal year 2019 (beginning on April 1, 2018) and beyond, EA is committed to publishing the Star Wars game created by Visceral Games ; Anthem, ambitious BioWare project ; A new FIFA chapter focused on the Football World Cup; And Battlefield’s “New Big Chapter” ; All titles developed in Frostbite Engine . The company has confirmed that the graphics engine will serve to continue other existing series and create new IPs.

The Frostbite Engine , according to Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen, evolves steadily and speedily thanks to the considerable amount of studies that use it. CEO Andrew Wilson also added that due to the growing power of device and cloud processing, the engine will increasingly present deeper forms of creating and customizing game worlds, as well as advancing the AI ​​and its Deep learning.

We also know that Motive Studio, headed by Jade Raymond (formerly Ubisoft), can now count on 100 additional employees as well as on the guys at BioWare Montreal (authors of Mass Effect: Andromeda ).

To conclude, EA declares not particularly interested in the world of Virtual Reality : although it has introduced the basic tools to work in the Frostbite , the company thinks the technology is still too acerbic, and the market is not ready yet. However, it has also been stated that experiments are underway to try to figure out what a sporting title, a first-person shooter, or an action-adventure in VR can go out of.

What more captures the publisher’s attention is the Enhanced Reality : in this regard, EA claims to have more concrete plans in mind, and recommends waiting for ads related to technology over the next few months and years.

Written by GameZinger Staff


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