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Elex: The Outlaw Group Presented In The New Trailer

To match the end of the week the developers of Piranha Bytes provided us with a new trailer for the roll game “Elex”. This is all about the faction of Outlaws.

At the moment, the German developer studio Pyranha Bytes, which has made a name for itself in recent years, especially with “Gothic” or “Risen”, is working on the new roll game “Elex”.

This is currently under construction for the PC, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 and will be available from October 17, according to a recent announcement from THQ Nordic. Officially, “Elex” takes control of an unnamed hero, who joins one of three guilds in the course of the adventure and takes up the fight against the embezzled Albs and other creatures that threaten the world after the impact of a meteor.

Elex: New trailer introduces the Outlaw faction

To the end of the week the developers of Piranha Bytes provided a fresh trailer for “Elex”, in which the group of the Outlaws is presented to us. They are based on the motto “the strongest survives” and are located in an area called Tavar.

Weirer states that the members of the Outlaws do not pay homage to any God, and instead rely on their weapons and equipment to search for in ruins and the world of “Elex”. In addition, the outlaws refuse to bow to the partial rules of the Berserker.

All further details on the “Outlaw” section can be found in the following video.


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