Epic Games Has Released Update 11.30 For Fortnite


Epic Games Has Released Update 11.30 For Fortnite, Which Adds A Split-screen Feature On Xbox One And Playstation 4.

Release Notes

  • New split-screen feature added.
    • Play duo or team with a friend on the same PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.
    • This split-screen feature is still in its early stages of development; we will continue to work on it and improve it. Please report bugs using the in-game feedback tool.
  • Take a quick look at the item shop on your mobile device.
    • You can now preview the new item shop items in the group centre even before you start the game.
    • Open the group centre, swipe to the right and tap the corresponding button for the preview.
  • Daily gift limit increased from 3 to 5.
  • Ammo display has been changed.
    • The remaining ammunition is now displayed as a number and not as a solid bar.
  • You can now determine when you want to switch from the “Eliminated from” screen to the match end screen with the EP statistics.
  • You switch to the match end screen by pressing “Continue” on the “Eliminated from” screen.
  • We have prepared for the live event on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalkers in Risky Reels, which will take place on December 14th, 8:00 p.m. CET.


  • Fixed an issue where the security setting on Xbox One was reset to 1.00 every time it was logged in.
  • Fixed an issue where some trees and metal fences in the arena did not deliver the correct amount of material.
  • The paint “Magma” is now displayed correctly on the bandage bazooka and the pistol.
  • Fixed a bug where the outfit “Patronella” was displayed with two coalesced hairstyles.
  • Fixed an issue where some items from the DJ set were displayed in poor resolution and pixelated.
  • Friends list on mobile devices does not automatically scroll up when players try to scroll down.
  • Fixed an issue where the quick bar was turned off by default on mobile devices, even though you hadn’t set that.

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