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Everspace: Encounters Now Available For Xbox One

Rockfish Games has now released the Encounters expansion for the space shooter Everspace for the Xbox One as well. The PC was already supplied last year. A gameplay trailer is also available. The expansion offers more than 10 hours of additional gameplay, according to the developers.

The content reads: “The expansion includes a new player ship, the Colonial Sentinel, a mid-size spacecraft of the combat class, with some sophisticated electronic warfare capabilities and a special shield twice the capacity of the standard model Use new weapons, modules, and gadgets to fool, distract, and defeat their enemies in new ways.

The all-new factory space stations extend the gaming experience with additional mechanics by offering specialized on-the-fly services, such as refining and conversion of resources, improving vessel characteristics, and minor repair work. In addition, daring space pilots can visit Okkar Homeworld for the first time. ”

It adds: “On their journey, players will also encounter mysterious life forms and characters that offer custom questlines, and thanks to the rogue-like core game loop in Everspace, all pilots will sooner or later come face to face without having to finish the main story first Anyone who has played through the game completely will also get new motivation to return to the game, not just to find out what these characters are up to, but also to unlock more of the galaxy’s secrets. ”

Source: Press release

Written by Mickey Bucks


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