F1 2017 Game Review

F1 2017 Game Review || The Formula 1 season 2017 will enter the decisive phase after the summer break from the last weekend of August. Already a few days before the Gran Prix in the Belgian Spa-Francorchamps, it will also be exciting for racing friends again.

Then Codemasters’ F1 2017 will be launched, which will be able to capture the atmosphere and authenticity of the royal class of the racing even better than last year, with its expanded career mode, refined technology and historic racing. In the test, we reveal whether the British succeeds in the project.

Last year, Codemasters, with F1 2016, already made some decisive steps to make the racing simulation fabulous for the future. The concentration on PC and the current consoles made itself especially in the form of a considerable improved graphics noticeable, but also from a playful point of view, the racing game experts from England delivered the best part of the series so far.

In particular the highly expanded career mode with its motivating upgrade system for the racing cars kept the game fun at a constantly high level. With “F1 2017” Codemasters, however, does not only expand the career mode, but also achieves an improvement in almost every aspect of the game.


With all the strengths that a Formula 1 racing game can bring along, a good driving model is and still is the key. Codemasters once again delivers a first-class job, as realistic as in “F1 2017” feel Centrifugal forces in the corners or the pressure caused by our spoilers on the slope in almost no other current racing game.

Only friends of the outside perspective must make cuts in the speed feeling. Unlike in the cockpit view as well as the other viewing angles such as the nasenkamera close to the asphalt comes in the exterior itself driving at 300 km / h not fully to the advantage.

How well the driving model in “F1 2017” succeeded, is particularly noticeable in the rain. Even if we have activated some of the driving aids, we have to fight noticeably against aquaplaning and significantly longer braking distances.

However, there are quite a number of adjustable driving aids available. Whether you prefer the realism-based simulation variant or rather an arcadigere variant; Both sides are getting their money’s worth in “F1 2017”! Anyone who allows himself a mistake and gets off the track by driving too hard does not have to worry. Unlike in “Dirt 4”, the proven rewinding function is available to you in “F1 2017” to continue your race (or training session or qualifying) at a point before the fault.

Only the AI ​​and the criminal system show a few minor weaknesses. Thus the computer-controlled competitors (their claim can be adjusted step by step on a scale to 110 per cent) drive us a hint too strictly on the ideal line.Every now and then a collision caused by the Hintermann is also charged to us instead of the opponent from the race management. But such things remain the exception in “F1 2017”. Ultimately, Codemasters, especially the unintentional cutting of curves, finds a solution that is absolutely fair for the player (only in the case of gross offenses, you must count on more than one warning), which never seriously interferes with the game.


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