The Features Of PS4 System Version 5.50


Sony Interactive Entertainment today mentioned details about the PS4 system update 5.50. In addition, the beta test starts.

The beta for the PS4 system version 5.50 (codenamed KEIJI) starts today and at the same time Sony Interactive Entertainment has given much information about the new features. Includes on-board management, library updates, quick menu and more. Below you can see the manufacturer description of the individual functions.


Game Time Management

  • Already with the system software update 5.00 several parental control functions were introduced. It allows assigned family managers to easily control which games each child plays, what they look at, and what online content they have access to.
  • Playtime Management extends these features by allowing family managers (and adult family members marked as guardians) to specify when and for how long each individual child is allowed to play. The management of the season is quite simple; Just go to [Settings] on your PS4 and then [Family Management] or log in to your PlayStation Network main account via the web browser on your PC or smartphone to check and set your children’s daily play time.
  • The children receive notifications while playing so they know when to save their game and end the game. Family managers / parents can also set the PS4 to automatically log off after the current game time expires, and the specified game time can be extended or shortened on the go via the web portal.

Import of personalized wallpapers via USB

  • By popular request, you can now import your own pictures from a USB stick and set them up as wallpaper on your PS4. Once you’ve imported your pictures, you’ll even get zoom, crop, and preview features for the perfect look of your dashboard. Please note that the image files on the USB flash drive must be stored in a folder named “IMAGES” so that the PS4 can recognize them. Just select [Settings]> [Themes]> [Select Theme]> [Custom]> [Select Image]> [USB Storage Device].
  • After the 5.50 update, you will also be able to personalize your tournaments team pages with their own team logo and wallpapers, which you can also import from a USB flash drive. To set up your logo and wallpaper, just go to [Events]> [Teams]> Select team> [Edit team profile]. Custom wallpapers DE 01

Improved user interface in the library

  • Tabs, This PS4 ‘and Name / Avatar: Two new tabs are added to the library to help you see more quickly which apps you have installed and purchased. The PS4 tab lists all applications currently installed on your PS4 system, and under your name / avatar you can find all the apps you have purchased with your PSN Online ID. This also makes it easier to find games that you have already purchased, but have not yet installed.
  • PS Plus tab: This update will also add a new PS Plus tab to your library to let you see what games you’ve purchased as part of the monthly PS Plus free games. If your PS Plus Membership has expired, a PS Plus icon with a lock will appear next to these games – this will tell you which games you can play again if you renew your membership.
  • Hide apps: You’ve wanted a feature that hides certain apps from the ‘Bought’ tab in the library, and with this update we’ll add them. Under ‘Options’ you can hide content such as betas, trial versions or demos of games that you no longer want to play.

Upgrade the quick menu

  • With the update 5.50 you have access to custom friend lists directly from the quick menu. So you can see who is online faster and send messages or invitations – especially if you are in the middle of a game.
  • While listening to your PS4 music, there are some special shortcuts on the Quick Menu. For example, if you use Spotify on PlayStation Music, the Square button serves as a shortcut for volume control. And in the media player or the USB music player, you can pause or resume playback with the ‘triangle’ button and adjust the volume with the ‘square’ button.

Update: Notifications

  • Users are now able to permanently remove old notifications from their PS4 – for more order and clarity. Simply open Messages, press the ‘Triangle’ or ‘OPTIONS’ button and enter a menu. Above that you can select one or more notifications to be deleted.

Background music at PS Now

  • With background music on PS Now, you can now listen to your favorite songs as you stream a game through PlayStation Now. But please note that certain games, just like playing games from the disc or as a digital download on the PS4, will not allow background music.

Supersampling mode on the PS4 Pro

  • PS4 Pro users participating in the beta will see a new ‘Supersampling Mode’ under Preferences that allows HDTV owners (with 1080p or less) to enjoy improved graphics on some PS4 games.
  • In supersampling mode, some games are rendered at a higher resolution and then subsequently scaled down to the resolution of the HDTV – allowing owners of a PS4 Pro to see much sharper pictures, even if their PS4 is not connected to a 4k television. Please note that this effect may vary from game to game as each game is individually optimized for the performance of the PS4 Pro.


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