Fire And Ice New Campaign For Battlefield 1 Available Without Premium Duty

The next campaign for “Battlefield 1” is now available. “Fire and Ice” has a pleasing innovation to offer.

DICE has launched a new campaign for “Battlefield 1” called “Fire and Ice”, which will be available until January 22, 2018. The description: “In a combination of Devil’s Anvil and Brussilow offensive, two operations from Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass and Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar, put fire and ice on four different maps: Verdun Heights, Fort Vaux, Galicia and Brussilow Fortress, this combination of contrasts fought you in the freezing cold of the eastern front as well as in the cauldron of Verdun as millions of shells fall on you. ”

It continues: “As in all surgery campaigns, successful players expect great rewards, and at the end of the round of each operation, your points are included in the progress of unlocking an Operations Battlepack, which can contain puzzle pieces for unique melee weapons that are not included in normal battlepacks Even weapon and vehicle skins of rarity levels Outstanding and Legendary are more common in Operations Battlepacks than in standard Battlepacks. ”

The good news is that “fire and ice” and upcoming operations campaigns can be played by all players. The makers say, “Operation campaigns are open to all players, regardless of the operations involved, so if you have only the basic version of Battlefield 1, you can still play the operations that are part of extensions you do not have . ” However, the maps you do not actually have can only be used in the operation campaigns. The weapons, vehicles and elites of the DLC maps will not be usable without a purchase.


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