First Premium DLC For Planet Zoo Unveiled


The “Arctic Pack” provides four new species, two new scenarios and more than a hundred new ways of landscaping. A concurrent free update adds a number of new features, enhancements and fixes to the game.

The DLC states: “The elegant Arctic Wolf, the majestic polar bear, the winter reindeer and the robust bighorn sheep join the long list of animals that can be raised, nurtured and explored in their handcrafted zoos.

Enriched by two new arctic scenarios Play a series of challenges centred on expanding and maintaining existing zoos, while caring for the welfare of the animals and educating the visitors: the mountainous and snowy Tundra biome, based in Norway whose sky you can see the aurora and the dry desert biome in Mexico will pose new challenges for the players. ”

The update says: “The premium DLC is accompanied by a free update that introduces some new features: An age slider that can be adjusted to slow the ageing process of the animals, direct family members are now in the animal info Panel displays, new heatmaps now include information on criminal activity and inbreeding, as well as new items, fixes, and enhancements. ”

Frontier Developments also analyzed “Planet Zoo” statistics from the first month and created a graphic. This includes the following information:

  • 62 million animals were born
  • 23 million zoo employees hired
  • 18.5 million items placed
  • 13.7 million animals were released into the wild
Source: Press release

Written by Mickey Bucks


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