Focus Home Interactive To Release Two New Tour De France 2018 Games in Summer 2018

Focus Home Interactive today announced the official “Tour de France 2018” games, both of which will be available from June 28, 2018. These are “Tour de France 2018” for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One as well as “Tour de France 2018: The official cycling manager” for the PC.

Tour de France 2018 for PlayStation 4 & Xbox One

  • On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, players in Tour de France 2018 take control of the world’s best cyclists. In the battle for the desirable yellow jersey, players experience the intensity of this legendary race where only the best racing tactics, one attack at the right time and the ideal use of the tracks lead to victory.
  • In the brand new Pro Leader mode, players create their own racer and take him to the top of the world rankings. Meeting goals and new tasks bring players closer to the pinnacle of racing career from season to season. The simulation aspect will be further enhanced by the new Progression System and an improved Fitness Peak System. The challenge and the demands on the players are further increased by the aggressive and realistic artificial intelligence.
  • In addition to the official 2018 Tour de France, new races and classics, such as the notorious Paris-Roubaix, add to the long list of tracks where players will show off their skills.

Tour de France 2018: The official cycling manager for PC

  • In the Official Management Simulation for Tour de France 2018 for PC, players step into the footsteps of a cycling manager and lead their own professional cycling team through the challenging 2018 season. Over 200 races and 500 stages, including famous tours such as La Vuelta and Of course, the legendary Tour de France, all decisions are in the hands of the players. From recruiting the best drivers and employees to contract negotiations, race planning, and training calendars, players are largely responsible for the success of their team. During the race, players choose the best tactics at the right moment to guide their drivers to victory. Prospective professional cycling managers can prove themselves in single player mode or compete online in leagues and clans with up to 16 players.
  • The skills of the players will be tested in Tour de France 2018 through an expanded contract system, new negotiations with sponsors, driver transfers and recruiting mechanisms. The Pro-Cyclist-Mode allows an even deeper development of the own drivers with new main and secondary specializations. Race immersion is enhanced by improved artificial intelligence with more aggressive riders during the sprint and larger groups of outliers.
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