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Forever Forest Released Today For Nintendo Switch


Mad About Pandas and Fictive Studio today release Forever Forest exclusively for the Switch. It’s about a unique blend of exploration, survival, action, and role-playing, with reduced, intuitive gameplay.

It says, “To free the forest, which has been swallowed up by the darkness, the player embarks on a journey through stony deserts, insidious swamps and unexplored wilderness.

To save the world, players must act cleverly and use the fruits of the forest By hunting for diversified opponents, you can collect powerful trophies that can permanently improve your character. ”

Features of Forever Forest

  • An emotional journey to save a destroyed world
  • With a playing time of six to eight hours, immersed in an extensive story that addresses issues such as human arrogance and life in harmony with nature
  • A procedurally designed 3D world with varied landscapes and a steadily increasing degree of difficulty from south to north
  • Numerous creatures that interact organically with each other and the environment and require different tactics to be defeated in combat
  • Fruits and mushrooms in different colours and shapes give the player short-term bonuses – permanent improvements of the character can be achieved by hunting the creatures of the forest
  • Players acquire new abilities by collecting the masks of defeated enemies, then activating them on mystical shrines
  • Eight unique zones of individual vegetation and living creations create a beautiful game world
  • The dynamic lighting system has an effect on the gameplay: players must move cautiously in the dark before liberating the next temple of light and thus the zone
Source: Press release

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