Fortnite – Hidden Features: Cross-Play And Cross-Buy on PC, PS4 & Xbox One

A few of its best features hiding Fortnite simply. This is quite surprising in the face of very controversial – but successful – sales strategy. You can play Fortnite because of cross-play on PC, PS4 and Xbox ONE – well, at least PC and PS4 together and PC and Xbox One together.

More expensive early access, but great option

In addition, there is a cross-buy function between PC and PS4 version. If you buy the at least 40 Euro expensive early access version of the Free2Play shooter, you can play it on both platforms. In the Xbox One, there are currently still problems, more in the video.

Memory transfer between PC, PS4 and Xbox One in Fortnite

In addition to Crossbuy and Crossplay, Fortnite also supports cross-save. Anyone who plays on a platform can continue his memory on another. To do this, you only have to link the console accounts for Xbox Live and PSN to the Epic Games website.

How this works and what you have to consider especially in cross-play between PC and consoles, we explain in the video. More details about the game itself can be found in the test video . And the hotly debated sale strategy Fortnite we take apart.

Written by GameZinger Staff


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