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Free Update For The Evil Within 2 Released


For “The Evil Within 2” a new update has been released, which brings the optional first-person perspective into the horror game.

Bethesda has confirmed that the horror game “The Evil Within 2” on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 includes a free downloadable update that integrates a first-person perspective. Thus, almost the entire horror trip can be experienced either from this perspective. It means: “This is possible at any time and (almost) everywhere.” The whole thing can be activated in the menu. A matching trailer has also been released.

“Many players like to play horror games in the first person perspective, so it’s a really great opportunity to experience the game through Sebastian’s eyes,” explains Shinsaku Ohara, producer at developer Tango Gameworks. “I think that when you explore Union in the first person perspective, everything feels much bigger than from the perspective of the third person, and if you then see the environment up close and actually meet the opponents face to face, you can The love of detail that we put into The Evil Within 2 is well recognized. ”

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Written by Mickey Bucks


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