Halo Wars 2: Review Of The New DLC Operation Spearbreaker

Halo Wars 2 is enriched with the new Spectrum Spectrum Spectrum DLC, now available on Xbox One and PC.

Halo Wars 2 – It’s been months since Creative Assembly has catapulted us again into the universe of Master Chief and members. The second franchise’s declination in a strong solid campaign and a rich multiplayer segment has behaved well, both on consoles and PCs. Fortunately, we could say, RTS on consoles have never had easy life and for the London-based developer to throw on a project that was so unlucky it was a real bet. During the review we have talked about the content for a long time, so we can split our analysis into two distinct paths: one dedicated to the single campaign and the other of course, multiplayer . In this respect, The development team’s commitment has not diminished in recent months.

The multiplayer fund continued to receive updates on a regular basis. Blitz mode was thus enriched with new commanders (Jerome, Arbiter, Sergeant Johnson, Colony) from both sides and raising the level of confrontation in the arena, while small and big adjustments and grafts have improved dramatically The gaming experience. However, there was still something missing from the appeal. Final Cutter and Spirit of Fire adventure jokes had left us in the mouth with lots of hopes for the future. Something, with the arrival of the last DLC, seems to have moved. The update, as it is now customary, brings with it a new Leader (we will talk briefly) but not only:

ODST to be collected

How will you know the war against the exiles and their boss, the brutal Atriox, continues. The Ark has now become an immense battlefield dotted with small and big skirmishes between humans and alien congerie. The DLC catapults us in the middle of one of these clashes. As we have said, the name chosen by the UNSC to launch the great maneuvers aimed at countering the recent movements of the Exiles is Broken Lancia.

A statement of intentional intent, which wants to emphasize the will of the commander to play the ambitions of alien forces. It seems that Atriox followers, in fact, a month away from the destruction of Enduring Conviction have found a way to overturn the fate of the conflict using precursor technology going, so to speak, at the heart of the problem.

The operation, consisting of two solo missions, in this case puts out the usual Spartans to highlight the care of old Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (or ODST, for friends). As Major Vaughan, helljumper at the helm of the Boomerang Company, we are entrusted with the task of investigating to find out Colony’s top-flight plans and stop it, of course, at all costs. Despite the missions of this mignon campaign there are only two (and this is enough to leave us bitter in the mouth, because the story promised well and could be a bit more diluted) is given to Creative Assembly to have studied the playground To do.

In this sense, through a consistent path, each mission has been infested with a fair amount of primary objectives and challenging, all-round fun and challenging challenges that accompany us to the clash with the two bosses of the end. Additionally, some unusual unusual units are also highlighted that we certainly would not regret in the future to know the background and adherence to the gaming universe.

The completion time of the adventure is two hours in total at the level of difficulty Normal or Hard, While Leggendaria things go – fortunately – a little longer for the long. In short, with Operation Broken Lance the single player (and co-op) has finally enriched with some content more. An addition more than welcome that, however, could have been firmer. Not bad, because at the end of the year Halo Wars 2 will be enriched in anyway with an unpublished campaign that will also mark the return of an old enemy: Flood .

Old age makes good broth

We just have to wait and console ourselves with some multiplayer games, which is getting richer. The latest update, as we said, also brings in a new Leader: Serina. The old AI in service of the Spirit of Fire(supplanted by the “youngest” and most advanced Isabel) has therefore been reactivated for the occasion and thrown into the melee of strong online competition of unpublished sections and units.

In particular, Serina seems to have a knowledge of cryogenic technology so boundless that she has turned her into a devastating weapon. All his skill, as well as all the weapons and units under his command, are in fact linked to cryogenic technology and make it widely used on the battlefield.

 Primarily based on the power of frost, the strategy to use with Serina is immediate reading: slow down the enemies; If necessary freeze them and then drop an attack whose damage is greatly increased by the condition they are in. In addition, these effects also negatively affect the percentage of achievement of the goals.
Great if you want to gain that pinch of extra seconds to reorganize the offensive. We must admit that playing with the Cryo Trooper and the Frostraven, as well as throwing barriers to blocking the adversary and wreaking havoc with grandiose cryogenic ice storms, proved to be a satisfying and unusual experience. In short, Serina has been able to give us quite a few surprises right away.

Written by GameZinger Staff


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