Happy Wars To Be Discontinued For PC And Xbox 360 On December 16, 2018


“Happy Wars” will be discontinued on PC and Xbox 360 on December 16, 2018. Then it will no longer be possible to play the Free 2 Play title. The Xbox One version continues to operate. Players will have the opportunity to transfer their Happy tickets to Xbox One by March 15, 2018.

When it comes to the Xbox 360, it’s simply because the console is already quite old. As for the PC Version, “As far as the Windows 10 version of Happy Wars is concerned, every effort has been made to improve the cross-play functionality between the versions of Windows 10 and Xbox One, but we were unable to provide the desired ones As we expect no dramatic improvements in the foreseeable future, we will also discontinue the Windows 10 version of Happy Wars.

Written by Mickey Bucks


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