For Honor – Free Weekend And Discount Action Announced in August

Ubisoft’s battles epic For Honor is about to be the biggest update ever. To celebrate this occasion, you can try out the game in mid-August for a weekend for free.

For Honor

For Honor wants to make August his month: After the playable battles between Knights, Vikings and Samurai have largely left their technical childhood diseases since release last February, Ubisoft starts quite confidently into the future.

In concrete terms, this means a new, now third season called “Grudge & Glory” , which brings new equipment, heroes, cards and game modes. This new chapter will start for Seasonpass owners on August 15, while all others will only be able to access the new content on August 22, with the exception of the two new Warriors Highlander and Gladiator, who will have no season pass with ingame currency Can be activated.

To win the favor of public opinion, Ubisoft is holding a free weekend just before the start of the third season : from 10th to 13th August, you can turn on the platform of your choice a few test rounds on the medieval battlefields. The Standard and Gold versions of For Honor are available at a reduced price in all digital shops.

Anyone who does not have the time or the desire to put his hand on the controller himself will be able to watch: On August 12, Ubisoft will host a big live tournament which will be broadcast on the official Twitch channel of the game . Here, well-known pros and eSporters will be on the go with the new heroes.


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