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Immersion: Sony’s Rumble Feature is Something Like 90’s

Recall a dispute between Sony and the company Immersion, who once complained. At that time it was about the used DualShock (Rumble) function, which Sony used without adequate licensing in their controllers. At the time, the whole thing went in favor of immersion, but one still does not seem to be really green.

In the meantime, you are blaspheming a bit against Sony and the Rumble feature is something down, which according to Immersion would be like 90s, while the competition with Microsoft and Nintendo are significantly in this respect. President and CEO of Immersion, Vic Viegas, said in the current quarterly report that Sony would still rely on a technology that dates back to the end of the 90s while others rely on modern touch interactions.

“Sony is the only major console manufacturer that has not made an update on its Rumble feature since the late 1990s, while others, such as Microsoft and Nintendo, have continued their investment in advanced haptics.”

As an example, Immersion introduces the Trigger Rumble feature of the Xbox One, while Nintendo relies on the feedback feature HD Rumble. Sony, however, is always looking for ways to realize the best gameplay experience in terms of immersion in the future, as Sony President Kazuo Hirai said at the time (2007), so that new products and innovations are quite open. It seems that in the last 10 years, however, there has not been much, so you can still rely on the Rumble feature, and why not if it works well.


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