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Indie Games Responsible For Switch Success


Nintendo knows that the many indie games have contributed to the great success of the Switch. The expectations were exceeded.

At Nintendo, we know that the many indie games have made a massive contribution to the success of the Switch. Nintendo’s Damon Baker commented, “The rapid growth of the digital business with this platform [the Switch] compared to other platforms was mainly due to the strong indie titles, which is definitely recognized within the Nintendo organization.”

“In July of last year, we knew about 150 third-party titles, and by the end of 2017, there had been 320 games for the Switch, which was a big leap forward in terms of expectations, with an even higher number this year (from we know) and we expect it to be outdone as well, “said Damon Baker, who has also confirmed that they will work on the visibility of these titles in the eShop.

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