Insider Program For All Xbox One Owners


Microsoft has now made this insider program accessible to all Xbox One owners. Upcoming system updates can now be tested before the official release.

Microsoft’s insider program was not available to all Xbox One users. Only selected players were able to enjoy upcoming system updates of the console at an early stage. Microsoft has revised the program and now it is all players. In addition, players with “Insider XP” should be able to unlock new ranks and thus also interesting rewards.

Insiders are now divided by Microsoft into the following four groups: Alpha, Beta, Delta and Omega. Players who have a higher rank can not only access updates much earlier, but also receive significantly more updates than insiders with a lower rank. Alpha users are to receive about 15 to 20 updates per month, while Omega users only receive 1 to 8 updates. Microsoft is also working with game developers all over the world to offer Game Previews, as was recently the case with “Sea of ​​Thieves”.



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