Into the Chambers of Xeric: an OSRS Raid Guide

Despite being the older Runescape, OSRS actually has more advanced content that its counterpart just doesn’t have: raids. For OSRS, it’s the Chambers of Xeric, which is part of the kingdom of Great Kourend in the continent of Zeah, which is also an OSRS-exclusive content. In true MMO fashion, raids are pretty tough content to deal with. So if you want to take on OSRS’s raid and make tons of OSRS gold in the process, here are few handy tips you should follow.

One-Man Raid Team

Before anything else, the golden question: Can you actually go solo in this raid? Yes! In fact, by going solo, there’s a chance that you could have an easier time. This is because of the strength of enemies in the raid scales according to the Combat level of those who will enter. Since you’re only just one person, it wouldn’t scale much.

In addition to that, there’s a particular mechanic that is affected by how big your party is: Olm, the final boss of the raid. For small parties–and for solo raiders–he’ll only have four phases.
It can’t be denied that having someone with you will not only make the raid easier but also a whole lot more fun.

However, there is a sense of achievement in finishing the Chambers of Xeric alone. Trust us; you’ll definitely appreciate completing this raid on your own. Think of it as some sort of personal achievement that you can unlock and consequently have bragging rights to.

Supplies for One

Warning: Don’t rush headfirst into the raid! Before jumping into the fray, there are all sorts of preparations you need to make. First of that would be to make sure that you have the right skills and items. For skills, it’d be highly advisable to have 90 Combat, 90 Void, 55 Farming, and 78 Herblore. As for the consumable items, you’d need a Super combat potion, Ranging potion, 2-3 Stamina potions, Sanfew serum, 1-3 Super restores, and High-level food or Saradomin brews for the other inventory slots.

Having the right gear for the raid is also vital if you want to have a smooth time going forth. For recommended gear, that would be Dragon Warhammer or Bandosgodsword, Trident of the Swamp, Zamorakianhasta, Crush weapon , Arcane Spirit Shield or Malediction Ward, Heavy ballista, Abyssal tentacle, and Toxic blowpipe. As for your accessory, it’s imperative that you have the Salve amulet, which increases Attack and Strength by 15% when going up against undead monsters.

A Little Bit of Knowledge

Now that you got the necessary skills, equipment, and consumables, it’s high time that you brush up on the raid mechanics—especially that of the bosses. If you have experience with other MMOs to draw from, you’ll know that this is pretty much mandatory for first-timers, and it only follows suit that it’s the same thing here in The Chambers of Xeric. For reasons of brevity and the fact that this isn’t a Wiki page, we can’t put much mechanic-related info here in this post. That means you’ll have to check out Reddit or the game’s semi-official Wiki page, where you’ll learn what to do and who you’re up against.

Raiding is not and never will be a walk in the park—so much more so when you’re flying solo. And it never should be. If Jagexwereto makes it easy, then it would inevitably lose its value and prestige. So good for you for seeking help and learning what you should do. Now that’s a true raid adventurer right there – walking the path that is difficult but rewarding, and most importantly, doing it on your own.

Written by Mickey Bucks


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