Is Microsoft Buying A Polish Studio? There Is A Lot Of Choices

According to a recent rumour, Microsoft intends to buy a Polish studio. It is unclear whether it has already worked.

There are many successful studios in Poland. The best known is certainly CD Projekt Red. But you shouldn’t forget CI Games, 11-Bit Studios, Bloober Team, People Can Fly, The Astronauts, The Farm 51 or Techland.

So who will Microsoft take over? Because that’s a current rumour. The Redmond company is said to have looked around Poland, with CD Projekt Red being the most unlikely candidate.

This rumour comes from the podcast by Borys Nieśpielak, a filmmaker who reported on the Polish game industry in his documentary “We Are Alright”.

He said, “This is a confirmed thing, but the details are uncertain. Microsoft has been shopping in Poland. It is not known if you bought anyone. It is known that you were in Poland for sure. I know for sure, that they talked to a studio. It is not known who they talked to yet. It is not known if they made an agreement with anyone. I cannot say who they talked to too much about. But it is known that this was the case. ”


Written by Mickey Bucks


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